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Lake Katherine
In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.


The arboretum is a grove of trees located on the southern side of the lake. Over time, more than seventy different species have been planted and introduced to the arboretum, creating a beautiful and varied landscape of deciduous and coniferous trees. This area serves to not only beautify the area, but also to educate visitors on some of the plants and trees that are prominent and hardy in the area.

Species that have been planted in the arboretum but are also native to the area include:

'Autumn Applause' White Ash
Sugar Maple
Burr Oak
American Linden
Common Witch Hazel
American Hazelnut

Some of the species that have been introduced to the area but are not native include:

'Emerald Lustre' Norway Maple
Maidenhair Tree
Katsura Tree
European Larch
Amur Cork Tree
various ornamental pear trees
various crabapple trees including Red Jewel, 'Donald Wyman', Molton Lava, 'Profusion,' Sugar Tyme, and 'Winter Gold.'


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