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Lake Katherine
In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.

Lake Katherine

Lake Katherine, a 20-acre man-made lake, was designed to be the focal point of the reclaimed spoil site that was developed into Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens. An adjacent waterfall cascades down the eastern edge of the lake.

A Peaceful Retreat

Lake Katherine provides a place to get away from the rush of everyday life. The one-mile trail around the lake provides an escape from the ordinary.

An Important Habitat

Lake Katherine is an important habitat for many plants, animals, fish and waterfowl.

Lake Katherine supports a healthy population of fish. The lake is home to muskie, largemouth bass, bluegill, hybrid sunfish, channel catfish and black crappie. The lake is also home to muskrats and beavers, whose lodges and burrows are built into the shoreline. A wide variety of amphibians and reptiles inhabit the lake, including turtles, frogs and snakes. A number of water birds and shore birds can be found here as well.

Innovative Storm Water Retention

Lake Katherine has provided an innovative approach to managing storm water from nearby developments.

The lake recreates a natural biological process by filtering and aerating run-off prior to being released over a spillway into the Cal-Sag Channel.


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