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Lake Katherine
In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.

Youth Programs

Stories at the Lake
The first Thursday of every month, 4pm-5, free event for kids!
Lake Katherine volunteer educator Nicole Snyder will host storytime, reading aloud from a nature-themed children's book. Plus fun activities. No need to book in advance - just turn up.

Little Explorers
1 hour experience for 3-6 year old children together with their favorite adult.
$6 per child, pre-registration is required
Summer Fun
Programs for children grades K-2 and 3-5

Email Marian at

Little Explorers

Mud glorious mud
Let’s have fun making mud pies and mud cakes. We will get our hands dirty experimenting with mud.
Program #      Day          Date             Time
734           Thursday    August 15      9:30 am
735           Friday        August 16       9:30 am
736           Saturday    August 17      10:30 am

A is for Apple
Peel and taste apples, count their seeds, sing an apple puppet song and take a walk outside looking for the colors of apples: red, yellow and green.
Program #      Day          Date               Time
584          Thursday    September 19     9:30 am
585           Friday        September 20     9:30 am
586          Saturday    September 21     10:30 am

Itsy bitsy Spiders
Explore, learn and have fun with a game, project and hike outdoors centered around the hidden world of spiders. This non “creepy” lesson dwells on fun spider facts and dispels spider myths.
Program #      Day          Date              Time
587            Thursday    October 17      9:30 am
588            Friday        October 18      9:30 am
589            Saturday    October 19      10:30 am

Our Thanksgiving
Your child will make their own small container of butter. We will then taste their creation and sample other foods from the 1700’s. Children will play a variety of games from past eras.
Program #      Day          Date                Time
590            Thursday    November 14     9:30 am
591            Friday        November 15      9:30 am
592            Saturday    November 16      10:30 am

All About Evergreens
Some trees keep their leaves all year round. We’ll walk amongst our evergreens to learn first-hand about their needles and cones. A “piney” craft project will finish our time together.
Program #      Day          Date                Time
593            Thursday    December 12     9:30 am
594            Friday         December 13     9:30 am
595            Saturday     December 14     10:30 am

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Summer Fun
$6 per child

Walking in the Waterfall
Make a splash investigating the movement of water while walking in our waterfall. Please wear clothes that can get wet. We supply the boots for the children.
Program # Grade    Date                 Time
709            K-2      August 21      1:00-2:00pm
710            3-5      August 21       3:00-4:00pm

We will hike to see our different gardens then create a garden collage. We will learn and take part in growing lettuce in a bag too.
Program # Grade      Date                  Time
723           K-2        August 28        1:00-2:00pm
724           3-5        August 28        3:00-4:00pm

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