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Lake Katherine
In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.

Our Wish List

Lake Katherine can always use your help! We are in need of basic things like cleaning supplies, office supplies, and pet care supplies.

Animal Care Supplies

- Live crickets and night crawlers
- Fresh strawberries, raspberries and bananas
- Flukers Cricket Feed
- OSI Freshwater Flakes
- EXOTERRA Sun Glo 50W Basking Spot Lamp

Arts and Crafts

- Crayons {8 packs}
- Scissors
- Construction Paper
- Bottle Glue

Gift Cards

- Home Depot
- Menards
- Michael’s
- PetsMart
- Target
- Petco
- Wal-Mart

Gardening Tools {new or gently used}

- Hand Tools
- Pruning Shears
- Loping Shears
- Long Handled Tools
- Wheel Barrels

Cleaning Supplies

- Glass Cleaner
- Dawn Dishwashing Soap
- Bleach
- Vinegar
- Handi-Wipes
- Paper Towels
- Lysol
- Purell {especially gallon containers}
- 409
- Fantastik
- Pine Sol

Office Supplies and Equipment

- Copier Paper {white and colored}
- Poster Board and Foam Board
- Staples and Paper Clips
- Binder Clips
- Sharpie Markers-all colors and sizes
- Presentation Binding Machine
- Batteries {9-volt, AA, AAA, C and D}
- First Class Postage Stamps

Skilled Tradesman

- Carpenters
- Electricians
- Painters


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