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Lake Katherine
In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.

Youth Programs

Children's Programs

Free event for kids! Stories at the Lake
The first Thursday of every month, 4pm-5pm
Lake Katherine volunteer educator Nicole Snyder will host storytime, reading aloud from a nature-themed children's book. Plus fun activities. No need to book in advance - just turn up.

Little Explorers
1 hour experience for 3-6 year old children together with their favorite adult

Wiggly Worms
September 21, 22 or 23, $6 per child
We will look closely and touch worms indoors and then explore outdoors; looking under rocks and logs for our slimy friends. A small craft project is included.
Program #  Day           Date                 Time
635            Thursday   September 21        9:30 am
636            Friday        September 22        9:30 am
637            Saturday    September 23        10:30 am

October 26, 27 or 28, $6 per child

We will look at the different parts of the trees; roots, branches and falling leaves to help us understand these wonderful giant plants. A walk outdoors as well as a small project is included.
Program #  Day           Date                 Time
638            Thursday   October 26        9:30 am
639            Friday        October 27        9:30 am
640            Saturday    October 28        10:30 am

Oh, Deer!
November 16, 17, or 18, $6 per child

We will look at and handle deer antlers and deer hide to learn more about this lovely animal. A walk outdoors, nature game and make a project to take home is included.November 16, 17 or 18, $6 per child
Program #      Day            Date                 Time
641                Thursday    November 16    9:30 am
642                Friday        November 17     9:30 am
643                Saturday    November 18     10:30 am

Can you see me?
December 14, 15 or 16, $6 per child

We will handle animal pelts to learn about their adaptation. A walk outdoors and a game of hide and seek will help us understand camouflage. A simple craft project is included.
Program #      Day            Date                 Time
644                Thursday    December 14    9:30 am
645                Friday        December 15     9:30 am
646                Saturday    December 16     10:30 am

Wednesday After School

Jr. Explorers
Programs for children grades K-2, Wednesday 4:00-5:00

Do you dig worms?
Join us for a fun time exploring the lowly worm. Measuring, counting and touching these slimy creatures will help us understand how important they really are. A small craft project is included.
Program #   Grade    Date
647             K-2        September 20

Who lives in a tree?

A walk outdoors will help us investigate who lives in these great giant plants. You might be surprised. A simple fall project will finish our time together.
Program #   Grade    Date
648             K-2       October 18

Habitat for a deer
All animals need food, water, shelter and space. We will handle deer hide and antlers, play a game and create a project to help learn about deer.
Program #   Grade    Date
649             K-2       November 15

Hiding in Plain Sight
We will look at animal pelts, play a game of hide and seek to help us learn of animal adaptations. We will walk outdoors and crate a craft project to help us learn about camouflage.
Program #   Grade    Date
650             K-2       December 13

Programs for children grade 3-5, Wednesday 3:45-4:45

Tom Sawyer Style Fishing
Try your hand at fishing, catch & release style. Poles and bait will be provided.
Program #   Date
651             September 27

Have fun decorating your own pumpkin. Take a fall hike and enjoy a pumpkin snack.
Program #   Date
652             October 25

Crazy corn

Make corn putty; a corny craft and take a hike in our Vegetable garden and little loop forest.
Program #   Date
653            November 29

Snowshoes and Cocoa
Take a hike outdoors with our snowshoes (snow or no snow). Afterwards enjoy hot cocoa with marshmallows indoors.
Program #   Date
654             December 6

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