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Lake Katherine
In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.


One of Lake Katherine's most popular features is the waterfall which tumbles over four separate falls, travels a distance of over 300 feet consisting primarily of rapids and small pools, and descends approximately 30 feet in height before joining the lake itself on the east side.

This man-made waterfall attracts a wide variety of animals and plants, and benefits the lake by aerating the water before it joins the lake, supporting the plant and fish life in the 20-acre lake.

Lake Katherine staff color the water in the waterfall feature a brilliant green once a year on St. Patrick's Day to recognize and salute those from an Irish heritage in the surrounding community. This dye is not harmful to species dependent on the waterfall for survival, but draws a crowd every year to watch the magical transformation of the waters.

The waterfall entices a large number of visitors with its stunning beauty all throughout the year, as the seasons change it from a flowing stream surrounding by blooming plants and trees in the summertime to a half-frozen icy wonder in the wintertime.


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