Consulting & Conservation Guidance

Professional Services

Whether a large international corporation, a small family-owned business, or a large private estate, your establishment can play an integral role in local ecosystem conservation. By utilizing Lake Katherine’s Environmental Consulting and Conservation Project Service, your organization will help strengthen our non-profit, and take your establishment one step further towards a greener future.

Professional Services (PDF)

Consulting & Conservation Project Guidance

With help from Lake Katherine, your organization can improve building or facility entrance aesthetic, save money on landscaping services, and provide essential native habitat for local flora and fauna. Our staff can assess your property and provide step-by-step guidance on how to install suitable enhancements such as native landscaping, pollinator gardens, and native meadows. If the surrounding plot has quality habitat, our staff can also offer guidance on installing bird boxes, bat houses, bee blocks and even basking logs for turtles if a water source is present.

Installation Costs

Lake Katherine is available to develop a list of plants and strategies for your location. Depending on your goals, reports and cost estimates can be prepared on how to implement native landscapes, such as a pollinator garden or rain garden. 

  • Site visit plus verbal recommendations: Complimentary (Outside a 10 mile radius, minimal travel expanses begin to incur)
  • Species lists and planting design starting at $250
  • For more extensive recommendations, step by step guidance reports are available - Cost depends on level of complexity requested, estimates can be provided once needs are understood
  • Lake Katherine's staff assist with installation if schedule permits at a cost of $500 per half day, $1,000 per full day

Mayor's Monarch Pledge Commitments

The Mayor of Palos Heights is committed to encouraging and supporting efforts to improve and restore habitat for the monarch butterfly and other pollinators. The Mayor encourages all citizens to do the same. Schools, homes and businesses can all provide essential habitat that will benefit all pollinators and help them to survive.

With the help of staff at Lake Katherine, Palos Heights will install a demonstration pollinator garden at city hall with education signage and flyers available. Actions to be taken also include milkweed seed collection, expand invasive species removal to make room for milkweed and nectar species establishment, and working with city property managers to do more native plantings on city property.

Monarch Pledge

Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens' annual monarch festival also contributes to the Mayor's Monarch Pledge. More extensive information will be included in the education area as well as plant and milkweed sales and giveaways.