Explore the Park

Our nature center is home to many exciting classes and programs, animals (including staff) and more. Make sure to stop by and say hi on your next visit!

Stroll around the gardens and enjoy our selection of grasses, flowers and shrubs. We also have a some great trails around the lake and along the Cal-Sag channel. Check out Turtle Bay, a few sculptures and our beaver lodge on your hike too!

Waterfall & Prairie

Another site you don't want to miss is our man made waterfall - a unique place to take a stroll or snap some photographs. Located just east of the waterfall, the buzz n' bloom prairie is actively undergoing ecological restoration. Check it out (especially in June, July and August), for species such as compass plant, bee balm and Indian grass. Another organic garden, named the heritage garden, is where we grow typical crops which we then harvest and donate to the local food pantry. See where your food comes from!

South Side

The south side of Lake Katherine is planted with a variety of native and non-native trees; the arboretum is full of different species ranging from sweet gum to native oaks to beeches. Our children's forest (west of the lake) is comprised of wetlands, the schoolhouse arch, a salamander mound, a spider maze and more. Don't miss the exciting coming additions to this area!

We also offer a variety of fun outdoor activities - during all seasons of the year! Get outside and come play! Take a look at our field guide for a list of native plant and animal species you can see at Lake Katherine's grounds too.


Print your own map of Lake Katherine (PDF).

Trail Maps