Green Team

The Green Team

The Green Team is a community-driven initiative dedicated to environmental preservation and community empowerment. All volunteers are appreciated and respected for their contributions. Together, we can create a brighter, greener future!

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Green Notes

Green Notes is a monthly newsletter provided by the Lake Katherine Green Team. View the latest and all past issues here.

September 2023 - Composting

August 2023 - Air Pollution

July 2023-Plastic Free July

June 2023-Green Notes

May 2023-Native Plants

April 2023-Green Notes

January 2023-Green Notes

December 2022 - Year in Review

November 2022 - Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving

October 2022 - National Energy Awareness Month

September 2022 - Monarchs

August 2022 - Stormwater Pollution

July 2022 - Sustainable Gatherings

June 2022 - What are pollinators?

May 2022 - Disposing Hazardous Waste

April 2022 - Recycling in Palos Heights